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Bringing People Together with
Fun, Laughter & Crafts


During the last 10 years with the changes in industry and economy, many local scrapbook stores closed. When the stores closed, we found ourselves with nowhere to go– nowhere to connect and create. At first, we tried to scrapbook at each other’s houses, but that didn’t work out. It simply wasn’t the same. In order to provide a place for crafters to connect and create, Maureen and Lisa started South Shore Scrappers!

South Shore Scrappers held their first crop in June 2014. The crop was a success with just over 42 crafters! We then went on to hold 8-hour crops every month—12 months a year.

Crafters join us to make cards, create scrapbook pages, knit, or DIY projects. And, if you’d like to learn new crafts, we offer a variety of classes each month. If there’s a class or craft your interested in please let us know we’re always looking for new ideas!

Due to popular demand, the 8-hour crops turned into 12-hour crops. Then came overnight crops! Currently we hold 4 overnight crops. In addition to the overnight crops, we still hold 8-12-hour crops.

To sign up for our crops, please click on the events tab above for the calendar.

Lisa & Maureen